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I was sweating a bit. But Lee says the fit is not really bad as well as perfect that she is been back for more — five more priced between $150 and $200. Her boyfriend has purchased five pairs of his own. The present trend is bringing in a never-ending flow of customers — men and women, old and young, of many income levels — who can not seem to pay too much for designer jeans. A set of low rise, faded Sevens — a brand popular with housewives along with high school pupils — brings in as much as $198.

Throw in the cost on Antik Denim brand as well as certain fanciful stitching on the pocket closes in on $300. Abercrombie & Fitch, known for offering school-age shoppers affordable fashions in denim, is jumping in — offering its new superior Ezra Fitch line for girls at guys and $248 at $198 a pair. Naturally, shrink-to-fit Levi’s can be purchased at Mervyn’s for $30. But jeans the most utilitarian of clothes, have become the greatest in high fashion business casual for women — with costs for the priciest pairs doubling in the last two casual for women2

Trend watchers say a lot of the demand is a product of the pricing which creates an artificial awareness of exclusivity. The more complicated the cost, the more exclusive the wearer. “It is absolutely absurd,” said Nina Sangha, a professor of style in the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Denim is most likely at its pinnacle. It is like an iPod happening. It is a status symbol that differentiates you from people who do not have it and can not manage it. It is a business casual for women of making clear to yourself as well as to others that you’re trendy and they’re not, who wore the same pair of Levi’s bellbottoms for five years in the ’60s. I do not believe they’re out of their heads — they’re simply attempting to fit in. Not the super-rich girls or are paying these costs. Most shoppers do not even look at the price tag, according to Bloomingdale’s manager of public relations for California, Nancy Lueck. They are purchasing by name, label and fit.

The famous high-priced designer jeans are handcrafted to seem anything but new. Some are embellished with rhinestones or elaborately embroidered stitching on the rear pockets. What would Levi Strauss believe? To be used in heavy duty work clothes, the jeans leader popularized using denim fabric during the Gold Rush. In the ’60s, jeans emerged as the uniform of the counter-culture revolution, the symbol of societal egalitarianism as well as the garments of choice for hippies. It was not until the late 1970s that jeans broke into the overpriced universe of casual for women1

In 1980, Calvin Klein enlisted -15-year old Brooke Shields. Klein’s jeans became a national uniform as well as the most popular fashion style after Shields purred that nothing came between her and her Calvins. Just about every other New York clothes designer, including Ralph Lauren and Gloria Vanderbilt, offered up jeans on sale, also. Stars also fuel the present trend, yet this time it is not a national advertising campaign that is turned consumers on to jeans. It is the omnipresent sightings in magazines of jean-clad celebrities like Ashton Kutcher and Paris Hilton that have customers snapping up the hottest business casual for women in hopes their posteriors might resemble those of Hollywood’s most amazing stars.

If a few the perfect folks — say Brad Pitt or Cameron Diaz — are seen wearing a set of jeans, it becomes like a bad thing,” said Simon Ungless, manager of graduate trend in the Academy of Art. Fourteen-year-old Sarah Burks purchased two pairs of jeans — Sevens for $130 and Juicy jeans for $170 — previously this month at Stanford Shopping Center. She owns five pairs between $130 and $180. But she says it makes sense to invest in something almost every day she wears. “I feel like it is not smart to be spending lots of cash on a good attire, where if I purchase a set of jeans, I understand I Will wear them.

The craze for jeans is helping to dress downtrend overall, Unless said. It is only another appearance — folks do not get dressed up to go out anymore. The cash is going into jeans. Frequently, the jeans have underground names intended to imply exclusivity. Unless says they’re released to small boutiques and are difficult to get, as marketers play on status seeking customers to drive upward costs. But department stores — which cater to a far vaster clientele and can offer bigger quantities — have worked quickly to capture the growing casual for women3

It’s denim lines are enlarging, growing from three designers to 10 and raising the floor space dedicated to jeans. And it is not only girls that are purchasing them. Both the men’s as well as women’s sections have “denim specialists” on staff, and shop clerks say they sell tons of pairs of $150-plus jeans on weekends. The shop recently hosted a couple of “denim days”. Unsurprisingly, producers are quick to warrant the costs, pointing to the higher-quality denim used (the stuff can cost three times more than denim used in everyday jeans) as well as the handcrafted work which goes into building a pair of the most recent business casual for women. The quality of the merchandise has gone up. It is screen torn up and printed. It is loved by folks. It is all about the appearance, plus it is all about the picture”. And those buying are not whining either.

Jeff S, Lee’s boyfriend, says he purchased his first pair of Diesel jeans for $150 three years back, and he enjoyed the appearance and fit so much that he’s since added to his wardrobe. He claims that fancy pants are not only a metrosexual affectation. I believe it is a whole generational thing. It’s a lot to do with understanding. But Sangha at the Academy of Art says he does not see the tendency continuing. The only means in order for it to go is down — when folks recognize they’re paying $300 for a set of jeans and understand it is silly.

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